Blake Watson

IIAAG High School Boys Basketball tipped-off with regular season action all around the island!
IIAAG 3rd Quarter sports in full swing with regular season boys basketball set for tonight!
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 10:09

Visiting NMI Squad Attends GFA Training Camp

  “Women’s competition in Saipan is limited, and in order to do well in tournaments, they need to experience different playing styles than what they’re used to in Saipan. Of course, they also enjoy training and playing at the world-class facility here in Guam."
Tuesday, 12 January 2016 17:28

Bulldogs Bite Friars to Advance

There can only be one! Friars. Bulldogs.
Opening round of the playoffs set to start.
The Island Eagles looking to get their 2nd win in a row, but they’d have to get through the Island Chiefs.
“I’m very pleased so far with the development of players and coaches with both the National Academy and National Goalkeeping Academy and look forward to seeing more out of the programs in future editions.”
“It has taken years of being committed to development in the sport – never giving up and striving to be better each time I get on the field – to get where I am today."
“after visiting the Okkodo Baseball Facility I found the field in prime condition for the players to practice and is of Major League size and dimensions, the turf is ideal for our practice needs.”
Silver Raiders march down the field in the early goings, making moving the ball look all too easy.