Janela Carrera

The car was taken from the Fine Store in Latte Heights around 10:30 this morning.
The Seventh-Day Adventist Church says because they are a non-profit, they are protected from having to pay business privilege taxes.
Johnny Quintanilla is suing GPD for using excessive force on him, allegedly beating him and causing "serious bodily injury." The warrant they obtained was for a different house.
The proposal would assess a sin tax of 15 percent and would make the age requirement 21 for the purchase, handling and consumption of cannibis.
“In fact, this appears to be the very basis on which many of [the contractors’] H2B petitions were denied.”  -- Attorney Heather Sokolower for US Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
During his two terms as senator, McCreadie's bills focused primarily on public safety.
The protesters took a two-week break in light of the holiday season.
Thursday, 05 January 2017 18:06

30-year-old man remains in critical condition

The crash was so powerful that it knocked out power in the area for several areas.
Tenorio has been with the Judiciary of Guam since 2011.
DRT says the audit only covers a five year period while they are able to collect for up to 10 years.