Janela Carrera

Some key positions the incoming democrat senators will decide is who will taken on the role of speaker as well as the chairperson for the committee on rules.
Vincent Raymond Rios could face a heavier punishment if convicted because of his prior convictions in local court.
Protesters stopped their picketing to attend 9:30 am mass.
This is the first concert Resorts World Manila has brought to Guam. 
Director James Gillan says the termination of their contract with GRMC will go into effect 60 days from today but the limited coverage remains in effect Dec. 1.
The policy will now go into effect in January instead of December 1.
The new policy will affect over 50,000 subscribers at the new hospital. The changes go into effect December 1.
Air Supply also talks about how they've managed to stay relevant even after 40 years in the music industry.
Anthony Vegafria says Father Louis Brouillard sexually abused him when he was only 12 years old in the 1970s.
Tuesday, 29 November 2016 18:05

Archbishop Hon headed back to Rome Thursday

Archbishop Hon was appointed by Pope Francis to serve as the apostolic administrator to oversee the Archdiocese of Agana.