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Ruby Tuesday General Manager Ruth Paeste recounts the horror of finding a man attempting to ignite a gas tank during their busy lunch hour.
Apuron says the cases are so old that he would not have the benefit of witnesses, memory, physical evidence or records to be able to effective defend himself from the allegations of sexual abuse.
The latest allegations comes from a man who claims a former Guam priest molested him during a camping trip.
The Department of Administration acknowledged the mistake and says they will address the matter.
The late bishop allegedly turned a blind eye to the institutional sexual abuse that ran rampant during his tenure as bishop.
Tuesday, 04 April 2017 18:05

Judge to decide on Pago Bay tower case

By law, an opposition must be filed within 15 calendar days. Save Southern Guam filed their petition within 15 working days but say that's because that's what the GLUC put in their notice.
Judge Joaquin Manibusan denied the parties' request to extend the deadline by about a month.
The restaurant manager immediately called security and an evacuation was ordered as a precaution.
Rev & Tax is seeking $16.2 million from SDA in back taxes.
If the judge approves, the deadline for the Archdiocese of Agana to respond to the numerous lawsuits will be moved from April 10 to May 12.