Janela Carrera

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 18:08

San Nicolas to face third trial for alleged rape

Alvin San Nicolas had twice been convicted of raping his stepdaughter but both convictions have been overturned on appeal.
The judge said she will be issuing a decision on Chad DeSoto's request soon.
The defendant said he purchased what turned out to be a stolen container for $2,500.
The victim was reportedly touching her doll inappropriately, alerting a relative that something was wrong.
Prestige Auto, their parent company Shen's Corporation and two of their employees were indicted on 29 charges involving fraudulent registration of vehicles.
The governor also revealed whether he's ever smoked marijuana himself.
Bill 201 would have reduced the senators' salaries from $85,000 to $55,000 annually.
The senator says she will attempt an override of bill 344 which would allow for home cultivation of medical marijuana.
James Bascon is the seventh victim to come forward with allegations that Father Louis Brouillard sexually assaulted him.
Anthony Muna Jr. allegedly raped the girl over a one-year period.