Janela Carrera

"It is with a heavy heart to arrive to this decision but I now desire to re-focus my retirement life so I can spend more time with my family and to set a new goal for myself," said Chargualaf in his resignation letter.
Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola ruled Kirielmo's death a homicide and said he was stabbed at the base of his neck.
This is the first time at that an inauguration ceremony for the Guam Legislature was held at the rebuilt Guam Congress Building.
Monday, 02 January 2017 14:31

New Year baby born 9 seconds past midnight

Kylie Ray Tesalona was born 9 seconds past midnight January 1, 2017.
Monday, 02 January 2017 14:24

Minor arrested in Hemlani Apartments murder

Bernard Kirielmo was stabbed while he was allegedly engaged in a riot at the Hemlani Apartments.
Port General Manager Joanne Brown says she is disappointed with Judge Anita Sukola's decision.
Friday, 30 December 2016 18:04

Port GM: Give us a new oversight chairperson

Senator Tom Ada is currently the committee chairperson of transportation at the Guam Legislature.
Thursday, 29 December 2016 18:05

Employee sues GDOE on claims of ADA violations

Cynthia Johnson says GDOE sent her to work over an hour away from home despite knowing that she had a back injury.
Raymond Cepeda was stripped of his title and laicized in 2009 after he was accused of sexual abuse.
Judge Anita Sukola also granted YTK's motion to confirm the award given to them by an arbitration panel.