Janela Carrera

The Guam EPA concluded its investigation and issued a notice of violation.
Jeremiah Isezaki and Albert Babauta Santos were among those let out of their jail cells the day Justin Meno was found hog-tied and badly beaten.
Francis Dungca allegedly sold methamphetamine out of the security booth inside the DPW compound.
Attorney Lujan says he may seek a stay in court as early as next Monday.
Benjamin Urquizu plans to file a complaint with the Department of Labor for alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
DOA Director Christine Baleto will be meeting with the three insurance agencies to discuss a potential payment plan.
Archbishop Felixberto Flores is accused of exposing his private parts to a catholic school student.
Archbishop Michael Byrnes could not disclose which property is being sold.
The Department of Administration has not made any payments since February for health insurance premiums for all three carriers.