Janela Carrera

A 51-year-old man is accused of raping a girl since she was 11 years old.
An 8-year-old girl was pronounced dead yesterday afternoon after she reportedly drowned.
31-year-old William Sulpacio was killed in a hit-and-run in a busy Los Angeles freeway Sunday morning.
Officials are conducting a search and rescue effort for missing 23-year-old swimmer in Tarague Beach.
Mass Transit Pilot Schedule Will End on December 1st. 
Port GM Joanne Brown raises concerns about a possible connection between Bernadette Meno and Attorney Vanessa Williams.
Jesse Cruz is behind after police say he sexually assaulted a minor related to him.
A father is accused of beating up his girlfriend as the two struggled over their infant son.
SNAP Western Regional Director Joelle Casteix issues apology to John Toves regarding her comment that sex abuse allegations were "only rumors."
Mateo Sardoma Jr. and Rudy PH Sablan receive a sentence of 11 years each for their role in the one of the island's biggest drug trafficking cases.