Janela Carrera

John Oliver gives a biting commentary on voting rights for US Territories in the latest episode of his show "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."
Attorney Leevin Camacho agrees with John Oliver on the status of US territories he talked about in his show "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver."
Marshalls serve driver accused in triple hit and run fatality. 
School officials say the incident occurred sometime this past January.  
Two years after the restoration project began, the Archbishop Felixberto Flores Loop is turned over to the Guam Visitors Bureau.
Since a warrant was not issued for Quadlyn Gorong's arrest, the law enforcement officials will just have to trust that she'll show up to her summons date.
FBI officials estimated the amount of ice Officer Sunega allegedly smuggled into DOC is enough for 49 dosages.
GBB believes the governor's office is trying to protect the governor from public scrutiny over the potential that millions of dollars was paid to his family in tax credits.
After less than two hours of deliberations, Edward Baza was found not guilty of robbing the Yigo Bank of Guam.
The 9th Circuit called GovGuam's arguments "very weak, both factually and legally."