VIDEO: Its “G” to “O” Week for Unclaimed Refunds; Just Over 400 Claims Made on 6,000 Unclaimed Checks


Guam – We are into the second week of the Governor’s effort to get unclaimed refund checks into the hands of taxpayers who they are made out to.


Last week, checks made out to people with last names beginning with the letters “a” to “f” were available. This week its checks with names beginning with letters “G” to “O.”

DOA Director Benita Mangloa says that as of Monday, claims have been made just over 400 checks, and 341 of those claims have been processed totaling $348-thousand dollars.

The checks are not actually being handed out to the claimants. Manglona says that each claim has to be verified and then the refund check is re-issued, and mailed out to the person. In all there are 6-thousand un-claimed tax refund checks, totaling $19-million dollars.


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Round three of the unclaimed tax refund effort gets underway next week with checks that have names starting with the letters “p” through “z.”