Brouillard named in 149th Sex abuse lawsuit against Catholic church


The cases against Father Louis Brouillard continue to roll in as another alleged victim shares details of the the sexual abuse he endured nearly 39 years ago.

Guam – His father gave consent without the slightest of doubt, “not realizing that he was send the victim J.Q.M.and his brother to be sexually abused by a predator disguised in the robes of the clergy,” states a complaint filed in District Court this week.

Why? Well, according to court documents, J.Q.M.’s father was decieved by Brouillard just as the Catholic community at large on Guam had been inculcated by a deep-seeded trust in the Catholic Church. Brouillard has been named in a multitude of sexual abuse cases filed against the Archdiocese of Guam.

In this particular case, the victim J.Q.M. was around the age of ten or 11 years old when he was repeatedly sexually abused and raped. Like the other cases against Brouillard, it details the retired priest’s M-O, targeting young boys who served as altar boys and boy scouts, sexually abusing and raping them on “outings” and then rewarding them by taking them to restaurants. He shares that during these outings, Brouillard would swim naked and instruct the boys to do the same so as to fondle and grope them.

In one instance, J.Q.M. recalls spending the night at the Tumon Rectory and waking up to Brouillard lying behind him touching his private area. The complaint further details that Brouillard had removed the young boy’s pants before raping him as he cried and struggled to get away. After this incident, J.Q.M. says he quit serving as an altar boy and never returned to the Boy Scouts again.

According to J.Q.M., he was not the only victim of Brouillard’s sexual abuse, court documents mention that his brother was also a victim, however the details are not disclosed.

As you may recall, Brouillard has made several admissions regarding his past sexual abuse of minor boys while serving in both capacities as a priest and scoutmaster. This lawsuit now marks the 149th to be filed against the church.

J.Q.M. is seeking $10 million in damages.

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