As 108th lawsuit is filed against church, mediation efforts are stalled


The latest lawsuit once again names Father Louis Brouillard as the alleged perpetrator.

Guam – Although assurances were given that mediation in the scores of sex abuse lawsuits would be completed sometime next month, it looks as though it may not happen until next year. And with that announcement comes more lawsuits being filed against the Archdiocese of Agana.

In a joint filing between Attorney John Terlaje, who represents the archdiocese and Attorney David Lujan, who represents all victims in District Court, the court was notified that mediation efforts may not begin until March of next year.

This timeframe is more realistic, according to the lawyers, given the work that needs to be completed. The parties are also deciding whether they will use retired federal Judge Michael Hogan or sitting Judge Alex Munson to oversee mediation efforts sometime next week.

Meanwhile, a 108th lawsuit was filed against the church once again naming retired priest Father Louis Brouillard. The suit was brought by a 66-year-old man with the initials M.S.B. who says Brouillard molested him and took nude photos of him in the early 1960s. M.S.B. is seeking $10 million in damages.