Acting GFD Chief Aguon Not 100% Sure He Wants the Full Time Job Because It Would Be A Step Down in Pay


Guam – Acting Guam Fire Chief Mike Aguon says he is not 100% sure that he wants to take the job of Chief, full time, and the reason is money.

Aguon was appointed Acting Chief yesterday [Monday] by Governor Calvo after John Salas’  90 day appointment expired.

He was a Battalion Chief in charge of EMS Rescue Operations. Aguon is a 28 year veteran of the force.

Aguon told PNC News today [Tuesday] that he is interested in the full time position,  but he has reservations because stepping up to become Chief,  would mean a big step down in pay.

The salary for the Chief’s position is about $75-thousand dollars. Aguon declined to say just how much of a cut in pay he would have to take. But he acknowledged that it would be more than $20-thousand dollars.

However if something can be worked out, he said he is willing to have his name submitted for confirmation. And he says he’s prepared to tackle the tough questions during the confirmation hearing about leave and overtime pay that Senator Adolpho Palacios has raised.

The Governor’s office has not yet decided whether or not to submit Aguon’s name, or any one else’s name, to the Legislature for confirmation as Chief of the Fire Department.