VIDEO: 58,000 Duck, Cover and Hold On In Guam ShakeOut


Guam – It was only a drill, but thousands of Guam residents ducked, covered and held on as the Guam ShakeOut struck the island at 10:20 this morning.



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Students were among the 58,000 registered participants for this year’s annual event which teaches earthquake preparedness and response.

Guam’s participants join 8 million other shakeout participants in California, Idaho, Nevada and British Columbia.

Following the two minute mock earthquake students at Agana Heights Elementary school evacuated the building as they would after a real earthquake.

 “We started at 10:20, we announced to our students using our bullhorns to stop drop and hold on and that was part of our earthquake drill. We did that for two minutes,” said Principal Evangeline San Nicolas. “Following that we turned on the bullhorn and we had the students evacuate the campus. It took us five minutes to 503 students exit the campus so I was very very pleased.

For information on how you can prepare for an earthquake go to the Guam Shakeout webpage.