VIDEO: CNMI Report – Bridge Capital Renews Commitment to Build Casino Resort on Tinian


Saipan – A U.S.-based company is pursuing its $50-million casino and condominium project on Tinian, nearly two years after halting construction of its staff housing in the CNMI.

Two of Bridge Investment Group LLC’s principal owners met with acting CNMI governor Eloy Inos recently to renew its commitment to build the Tinian Oceanview Resort and Casino.

Over 100 Chinese employees of Bridge Investment’s contractor left the CNMI ahead of the November 2009 federal takeover of local border control.

This after U.S. Department of Homeland Security excluded China from the list of countries granted a visa waiver to enter the CNMI.

Bridge Investment had planned to build a $200-million project on Tinian, but scaled it down to $40-$50 million in early 2008 because of the economic crunch and uncertainties in immigration.

Phillip Mendiola-Long, executive vice president of Bridge Investment Group-CNMI operations, said the company’s owners are still interested in pursuing the project, which initially called for the construction of a 396-room condominium and hotel resort with 30,000 square feet of casino and banquet area.